Chad: Dog Trainer

Chad Culp, CDT is a graduate of Animal Behavior College and Global College of Natural Medicine. Chad is a certified dog trainer, canine behavior specialist, canine nutrition consultant, published author, radio show host, and world-wide dog advice persona. He owns and operates Thriving Canine, a worldwide, full-service dog training and behavior platform. Culp’s philosophy uses a balanced approach to dog training by incorporating a variety of techniques that include positive reinforcement as well as tactics that teach a dog to comfortably yield to pressure.
Culp has been called upon to offer his expertise to local and national media, via interviews, guest blogs with Baywoof, BARF World and GilroyPatch and guest book reviews, to name a few.
In 2008, Culp collaborated with his wife, Dawn Matthews Culp, to write, illustrate and publish the book, “What’s Up Willie, The Birthday Puppy.” The book introduces children to safe interaction with dogs, as well as the realities and responsibilities of caring for a new puppy.
In spring, 2011, Culp became a national sensation when he released a YouTube video, Dog Catches Banana Spit on YouTube that went viral and landed Chad Culp and his dog, Nakita, on the David Letterman stage to perform their dog trick. In March, 2011, the video won second place (and a sizable cash prize) on the nationally syndicated American television program, “America's Funniest Videos”- (season 21, episode 17).
Social Media & Entertainment
A heavy proponent of social media, Culp has used Thriving Canine’s considerable internet presence to move valuable dog training and behavior information to a global audience: iTunes Podcast, Thriving Canine YouTube Channel, Thriving Canine Facebook Page, "No Dog Left Behind" Dog Training Basic Obedience DVD and Internet downloads, to name a few. Thriving Canine Podcasts and Radio programs have interviewed a variety of celebrities in the dog entertainment and education world such as Temple Grandin, Jon Provost – who played “Timmy” in the original “Lassie” TV series, and Mrs. Charles Schulz.
Culp founded Thriving Canine in 2006 as a local dog training company in Gilroy, Ca. offering Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Non-Competitive Agility, and in-home training consultations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Thriving Canine provides an extensive amount of dog training, behavior, and nutrition information at no charge to the public, using a variety of mediums. The goal is to help families experience a better life with their dog. It was this philosophy that moved Thriving Canine from a local dog training outfit to a global leader in virtual dog training and behavior programs. Thriving Canine ranked among the top five best pet trainers in the Bay Area in 2011, 2012, and 2013. And, In 2013, Thriving Canine received the Best of Morgan Hill Award.