Training For All Ages

Basic Obedience Class is designed for puppy school graduates or adolescent/adult dogs with little previous training. Six months, six years, 16 years…age does not matter; this class is open to all. While it is always better, and easier, to start young it is never too late to start training. Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks!

We will cover foundational obedience commands with a strong focus on heeling and loose leash walking. These classes are held indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. You will have the opportunity to discuss, observe and apply a variety of techniques and find the right balance for you and your dog. There will be short discussions on behavior issues but in-depth assistance is done through private training. Please click this link for info on private training.

Course Includes:

  • Online Video Training Course
  • Live Seminar – humans only
  • Six Weekly Practice Sessions – one hour each
  • Basic Obedience Commands – Heel, Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Leave It
  • ​Socialization – exposure to people, dogs, objects, sounds, etc.
  • Stop Leash Reactivity/Aggression – extreme cases will require private training
  • Intro To Training Collars (optional)
  • Learning Theory – how dogs learn
  • Proper On-Leash Greetings (no jumping up)
  • Proper Dog-Dog Greetings (If time allows and dogs are ready for it)
  • ​​Building Drive and Motivation – through rewards and positive reinforcement
  • Handling Skills – how to use physical touch and leash communication for guidance and correction
  • How To Balance Multiple Training Techniques
  • Behavior Problem Solutions – short discussions only, may require private training
  • Intro To Agility Obstacles

​Your dog will learn to love learning!

Thriving Canine’s unique “blended” training style is rewarding and fun but it’s also serious about getting results. This means we will be using plenty of praise, affection and treats but it’s not entirely reward-based. Your dog will also learn to “yield to pressure” which means teaching your dog to accept leash and body pressure in as positive, non-threatening and playful a manner as possible. You will also learn the responsible, non-harmful use of corrections. It is very important that the overall experience conditions your dog to love learning and love going to “dog school” but it’s also important that they receive reliable, results-based training. A complete communication system includes both “Yes” and “No” and makes obedience rewarding as well as mandatory.

Price: $185 (online video course available for $85)

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If you have a dog with behavior issues and you’re not quite sure of the best course of action, visit the Dog Behavior Issues page.

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Practice Locations:

Gilroy, Ca. – Private Location