Don't Get Stuck In Kindergarten, Take It To The Next Level 

Are you a graduate of Thriving Canine's Puppy or Basic Obedience Class who wants a higher canine education? Are you striving to bring out the best in your dog? Would you like a dog that will listen anytime, anywhere, no matter what…even off-leash on a beach full of squirrels? Great! Please hold on to that vision, but first you need to take the next logical step on that journey, which is the Intermediate Class.

This four week class is designed to advance and polish the skills you learned in Basic Obedience and prepare your dog for the Advanced Drop-In Class. We build on the foundation laid in previous classes, raising the bar of expectations and preparing the dogs for real world situations. We also add a few new commands and an intro to agility just for fun!

Course Overview:

  • Fading The Lure – food lures become hand signals to avoid a “Show me the money” dog.
  • Petting & Praise – stronger emphasis on verbal praise and affection with less treats.
  • Sit-Stay – with increased distance and duration
  • Down-Stay – with increased distance and duration 
  • Recall – come when called from a distance of 100 feet 
  • Pack Walk – heel and loose leash walking while out for a short pack walk (approximately 1/2 mile)
  • Finish – after a formal recall has been completed we “finish” by signaling the dog to move from the front position to the heel position.
  • Stand – dog moves from sit to a stationary standing position 
  • Up-Sit – dog moves from down position to sit position 
  • Doggie Push Ups – dog moves repeatedly from sit to down to sit to down, etc. 
  • Distance Down – down command from a distance of six feet away or more. 
  • Cafe Down – long duration down command by your chair in a simulated coffee shop experience – coffee & donuts provided 
  • Intro To Training Collars (optional) 
  • Leave It – can be used to stop many unwanted behaviors from eating poop to barking at other dogs
  • Wait – boundary training exercise to stop your dog from bolting through doors.
  • Distraction Proofing – we begin using the other dogs in class as distractions as well as whatever we see on our walk…probably horses, cows and barking dogs.
  • Fluency In Sound, Sight and Touch – Dogs will learn verbal commands, hand signals and happy, non-resistant yielding to physical pressure and leash communications. 

This class will be fun as well as challenging and may be taken repeatedly before moving on to the Advanced Drop-In Class.

Price: $100

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(Are you a puppy or basic obedience graduate from a different training company? Please contact us for an evaluation.)