Separation Anxiety: Leaving Dogs Home Alone

"As the executive director and founder of an animal rescue nonprofit, I was curious to read this book to see if it could help some of our foster dogs who suffer from insecurities and sometimes separation anxiety after they're rescued from shelters. I'm happy to say that I found this book very well thought out and easy to understand. In fact, I just ordered multiple copies to share with our fosters!"

Separation Anxiety: Leaving Dogs Home Alone  

Dogs left home alone can wreak havoc on homes and gardens. Many dogs will go into a frenzy of barking, whining, howling, scratching, chewing and all manner of noisy, destructive, and potentially dangerous behaviors.  Dogs exhibiting this behavior may be suffering from separation anxiety.

"Separation Anxiety: Leaving Dogs Home Alone" is a valuable resource for anyone with a dog that may be suffering from separation anxiety, as well as dog trainers looking for new solutions to this common problem. Many of the strategies suggested in this book are holistic in nature, thereby having ripple effects which reach beyond the topic of separation anxiety. This makes it a great read for any dog-lover looking to improve the relationship with their dog, as well as anyone planning to adopt a new puppy or rescue dog.


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