Dog Training and Behavior Services, Products and Education!

Group Classes

Obedience, Agility, Socialization, Recall Clinics, CGC. Classes are Fun, Upbeat and Challenging!


Behavior Rehabilitation

Barking, Jumping, Chewing, Housebreaking, Aggression, Fear & Anxiety, Leash Pulling. Any Breed, Any Age, Any Problem!

Private Training

Personalized, One-On-One Training for You and Your Family! In Your Home, In Your Car, In Your Neighborhood, On Your Walks, or In Your Real-World Situations.

Puppy Training

Start ‘Em Off Right, Start ‘Em Off Young! Puppy Classes are Super Fun and Vital. Private Lessons are Perfect for Housebreaking, Nipping, Chewing, etc.

THRIVING CANINE offers a variety of services for eliminating your dog’s unwanted behavior, improving manners and sharpening obedience skills. Thriving Canine believes in a balanced approach to dog training. By integrating positive reinforcement and traditional training methods, all-the-while focusing on the intrinsic value of the human-dog bond, you’ll not only have a dog who loves to learn, you’ll have a companion who responds reliably and is not touch sensitive.

Thriving Canine offers basic to advanced obedience classes, puppy classes, agility classes and recall clinics in Gilroy and private training anywhere in the Califonia Bay Area including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Gatos and Monterey. We also offer private training in the Los Angeles Area.

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Chad Culp: Certified Dog Trainer

Canine Consultant & Behavior Specialist
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Separation Anxiety: Leaving Dogs Alone