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Dogs And Doorbells

Doors, by their very nature, are exciting and mysterious putting our dogs on high alert. This advanced training exercise provides suggestions for managing your dog while greeting and entertaining guests.


Teaching Your Dog to Roll Over

Every dog needs at least one trick up his sleeve.


Teaching Your Dog to Enjoy the Crate

This video provides a few tips and exercises for you and your dog/puppy to do together to help create a positive association with the crate. 



The Power of Sequences

This video reviews the importance and power of sequencing events together to achieve the results you are looking for while training your dog.



A Dog's Amazing Sense of Smell: Can Dogs Smell Fear?

This video reviews some of the many powerful attributes of a canine's amazing sense of smell and how humans use it to improve our lives.



3 Ways to Properly Socialize Your Dog

This video discusses 3 different ways to socialize your puppy or dog and how they are all important in their own way.



Setting Boundaries: Stop Counter-Surfing

This video reviews the importance of creating boundaries for your dog for both safety and leadership. This video also demonstrates how to enforce these boundaries to set dogs up for success.



Training a Deaf Dog

This video reviews tips and tricks for training deaf and hard-of-hearing dogs.



Don't Make This Mistake!

This video reviews what is perhaps the most common mistake in dog training.



All Natural Tick Repellent

This video shares an all natural tick repellent you can use to safely ward off ticks from feasting on your dog.



Dog Training: Using "The Force"

This video taps into a potentially powerful way to communicate with your dog. Not unsimilar to Yoda teaching Luke how to use "The Force" in the classic movie Star Wars, Chad reviews how harnessing this Force can improve your body language for more effective dog training.



Fetch: the Drop-It Command

In this video, I review 3 techniques to teach your dog to "drop-it"



Fetch: Improving the Retrieve

This video reviews some tips to help stregthen your dog's retrieve - teaching the dog that fetch means to go get the ball and bring it back, every time!




Stop Dog Chewing Problems: 3 Kinds of Dog Toys

In this video, I review the 3 categories of dog toys: Mine (human's), Yours (dog's) and Ours (interactive) and why each are important in their own way. Used properly, toys can stop dog chewing problems while giving dogs an outlet for their energy.




Housebreaking your Puppy in 3 Simple Steps

This video provides 3 simple steps to housebreaking a puppy. 





Leash Skills

This video reviews basic leash handling techniques as well as how to choose the right leash.





Coming Home: The Proper Way to Greet Your Dog

Everyone enjoys coming home to an enthusiastic greeting from their dogs. The downside is, with this excitement often comes jumping, barking, excited urination and nipping. This video discusses things to do and avoid when coming home to your dog.



2 Dogs and 1 Great Plan

A dialog between two dogs who dream about a better life and their plan to get some dog training to accomplish their goal of becoming Thriving Canines.



Dream Bigger!

Every once in a while a story comes along that reminds us there is great potential in everything; even a silly little dog trick. This showcases the behind-the-scenes adventure of the Banana Spit Dog Trick that took us from Hollywood to New York.



Raw vs. Processed Food- An Apples to Apples Comparison

This is an apples to apples comparison that shows the fundamental differences between raw and processed foods for those who are already or are considering feeding your dogs the BARF diet.




Dog Catches Banana Spit

A hilarious dog trick with a twist.  Be sure to watch to the end or you'll miss it!



Chow Time - A Feeding Routine Video:

Feeding time is not only an opportunity to apply the skills you learn in dog training class on a daily basis, it's also a chance for your dog to see you as a provider rather a servant. This video will explain and demonstrate the importance of a consistent and effective feeding routine.


Chore or Opportunity?: Dogs & Vacuums

Thriving Canine knows the importance of incorporating training into every day life. Here is a brief video demonstrating how to take a basic household chore, like vacuuming, and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen your dog's "down-stay". There are also some tricks to help your dog get over his fear of the vacuum.



A Rehabilitation Story:

Some dogs exhibit minor behavior issues, like chewing up a brand new pair of $400.00 shoes, while some dogs, in all seriousness, are having issues that, if not corrected, could lead to extreme repercussions. Take a look at this video to see an example of a dog rehabilitation story.


Dog Nutrition Video:

Thriving Canine's Canine Chef reviews some of the benefits of a raw diet and examines natural supplements that are good for dogs in this easy to prepare recipe.


Dog Agility Video:

Thriving Canine offers dog agility classes for all levels. They are fun, non-competitive and a great way to build your dog's confidence. Agility is the ultimate bonding experience for you and your dog and a great way to exercise your dog mentally and physically.