Theme Features

Following are the most important features included on Seven, an awesome Drupal 7 Premium Theme for building business, corporate, agency and freelance websites 99% ready. The only thing you’ll need to do to is to replace all content with your own.

Seven is a 99% ready site as soon as you install it

What does this mean? Very simple, it comes with sample content so you don’t have to build things from scratch. It means that where you see an image, you only replace it with yours, where you see a text, you replace it with yours, an icon, an slide, an info… it means you won’t spent weeks making a site. You’ll only need to replace stuff and got your site workind. Of course. If you also know a little bit of Drupal, you can integrate it with more than 12.000 modules across the web and extend your site to much more advanced features.

7 different Home Pages

Seven includes 7 Home Pages you can select for your site welcome page. Each one includes a beautiful jQuery Slideshow with over +25 possible effects you can choose to transition your slides. All of them are fully responsive and can be easily configured as the Home Page of yourr website. You can read more details here.

Also you can place featured content right at the secondary area of your Home Page, show your recent products/portfolio and you can even place your clients Logos, sponsors and technoligies you use. Seven provides a wide set of options to ensure your site resume at the Home of your site.

Fully Responsive Layout

Seven is a theme that addapts to visitor’s devices, no matter if they’re using an iPhone in Portrait or Landscape mode, if they’re using an iPad or just on a common desktop computer. They will allways see your site with a special version enhacing the user experience while browsing your content.

Search Engines Optimized

Seven contains a lot of SEO best practices. It uses semantically valid HTML code and CSS on every View & Content Page so search engines can index them easily. Headlines are where they should be (h1, h2, h3, h4 etc) depending on the View hierarchy. It helps Search Engines like Google & Yahoo, to “understand” the ranking of your content inside your pages, even when the boots that rank pages, are just computers. Resuming, Seven provides an internal SEO feature that will allow you to place your content online and get it on high ranking probabilities.

Advanced Typography Features

As you can see on the Typography Features sample page, Seven includes a lot of predefined styles to enhace readability and distribution of your textual content. It also includes a backend WYSIWYG rich textual content editor for creating your Pages, Articles and even Product descriptions. You can also preview a sample article with comments to know how will they be seen once your visitors start sharing comments on your posts.

Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar support

Seven also includes the option to place your complementary content and the one from the thousands of blocks you can find at in one of the sidebars you choose. This sample page is using a Right Sidebar content, but you can see the Left Sidebar sample in the Blog page.

404 Error Page

For usability purposes, a 404 Error page is also included to allow lost visitors to get back on the track and keep visiting your site, instead of having the disapoint of getting to a dead end on your site.

Detailed Theme Documentation

As you can preview here, Seven includes a detailed documentation (also included on the package you buy) that allows you to learn from how to install it on your web server to know the CSS and HTML details you need to know for advanced theme editing.

Rock Solid Support

If you get stucked with Seven, we grant you a solid support service to help you get rid of your issues and get the most of Seven. As we’re located on GMT-5 we ask patience to our clients as we allways answer our request tickets in less than 24 hours from Monday to Friday.