Advanced Drop-In Class, Gilroy – Saturday 9 am


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Have you completed Thriving Canine’s Intermediate Obedience class? GREAT!!! But why stop there? In order to maintain and advance those skills it is important to practice and practice often.

These fun, affordable and convenient classes are held at the Thriving Canine training facility in Gilroy and combine agility obstacles with intermediate-advanced obedience training. Because the classes are drop-in style, the class size can range from 7 dogs to 20 dogs or more. It just depends on who shows up that day. People love the flexibility!

Cost: $15 for a single class or $100 for a package of 10. (10-packs are good for one year.)

Prerequisite: Completion of Thriving Canine’s Intermediate Obedience Class or approval from Chad. Please call or email with questions.


When I first started holding my own group classes (2007) I only had a handful of private training clients. Most of them had behavior issues and many had been kicked out of other group classes for aggression issues, so I started getting them together in small groups at local parks. We joked that we were like the “Bad News Bears” for a while! (Google that one kids)

Eventually a client offered to let us have the classes at her ranch. That was so generous and a huge improvement! The classes grew and grew until it was normal to have 20 dogs or more show up. It was a mixed bag of everything from puppies to aggression cases to advanced obedience and agility. It was a challenge to accomodate all the various needs but somehow it worked.

At some point I started holding structured classes for puppy, beginner, intermediate and agility but I still have fond memories of those crazy “Bad News Bears” days and I still love my drop-classes more than any of my other classes.

I continue to offer Drop-In Classes at affordable prices because I believe a dog’s training should be fun, convenient and ongoing without breaking the bank!

I hope to see you there!