Online Puppy/Basic Obedience Training Course

Welcome to Thriving Canine’s Online Puppy & Basic Obedience Training Course!

For the best results, please watch carefully, hit pause, take notes, practice along with the videos and take the quizzes to test your knowledge.

Important Note: Quizzes are totally anonymous, meaning we can’t see who takes them. They are for your personal benefit and can be taken more than once. The correct answers will be given after completing each quiz.

The Videos below are organized into 4 sections: 

  1. No Dog Left Behind DVD: Chapters 1-7
  2. More Recent Videos: Not included in the original DVD
  3. Case Studies: Obedience lessons put to the test in real life cases
  4. Virtual Classroom Lessons: Recorded during the initial Covid lockdowns when I took a month off from in-person classes.

Please check back frequently, new videos will continue to be added to this page over time.



This section includes Chapters 1-7 from the 2010 DVD, “No Dog Left Behind”. It is designed to be watched from start to finish, hitting PAUSE at the instructed times to practice each lesson before moving on. More current videos will follow in the next section but, unless noted otherwise, please watch and practice along with these first. The information in each chapter lays a foundation for the next so please watch them in order.


Chapter 1. Introduction: This chapter covers the foundational principals of how we will be training the dogs for basic obedience. (see section 4 for a more detailed orientation) Please watch and then take the quiz here: Intro Chapter


Chapter 2. The Name Game – Getting Your Dog’s Attention: (Also scroll down to Section 2 for the Food Motivation and Luring video, it pairs well with this video.) Before teaching “Come” (or any other command) you need to get your dog in an attentive, motivated, positive state of mind. Dog trainers often call this “engagement” and it is a very powerful and foundational part of good dog training. Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Name Game Chapter


Chapter 3. Sit: PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS CHAPTER: No matter what I say or do, 9 out of 10 people will skip this chapter thinking, “My dog already knows Sit.” There are many more lessons in this chapter than simply teaching a dog to Sit. Be an exceptional person and study this chapter carefully and practice completely. Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Sit Chapter


Chapter 4. Down: Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Down Chapter


Chapter 5. Come: Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Come Chapter


Chapter 6. Heel: Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Heel Chapter 


Chapter 7. Stay: Please watch the video and then take the quiz here: Stay Chapter



These videos carry on from where the DVD left off. They include details not included in the original DVD as well as some brand new tips, tools, commands and tricks to increase your dog training skills and knowledge.

The “Wait” Command: Safety, leadership, impulse control, patience, attentiveness and many other AMAZING and MAGICAL things happen by training your dog to “Wait” at EVERY DOOR, EVERY TIME. Learn how to do this correctly here:


Training Collars: A brief overview of six common dog training collars and harnesses: Regular Collar, Regular Harness, Martingale Collar, Choke Collar, Prong Collar, Head Harness.


Food Motivation and Luring


Leave It (Part One)


Leave It (Part Two)


Leash Skills: Techniques for holding and handling a six foot leash LIKE A PRO.


50′ Long Line – Critical Handling Skills: Here are some tips on how to hold and handle the long line for safety and smooth training.


Teaching Tug for Beginners or Puppies


Tug Tips – Proper Presentations for Intense Tug and teaching the “OUT” command (aka Let Go)


The Pacifier Technique: Stop Puppy Mouthing and Biting


Handling, Restraints and Physical Exams


How To Stop Puppy Biting: The Real Deal – Raw Footage: This one is a little long but it’s also like getting to be a “fly on the wall” during an actual private lesson with a difficult puppy biting scenario. You will rarely see footage like this because it shows a puppy yelping and pitching a fit, which may be upsetting to some veiwers, but it also shows a way to deal with it that actually works. Hint: Saying “ouch!” or yelping like you are another puppy is not the answer. Watch carefully, I NEVER get emotional and NEVER use strong amounts of pressure, everything I do is calm, gentle and loving. I simply don’t let the puppy take control.




The videos in this section are meant to show some real life examples of the Basic Obedience lessons in action. Please bear with me as some of the camera work may not be great. I am often giving commentary while holding the camera in one hand and training the dog with the other. I am pretty sure the information still shines through. Enjoy!

Max – Walk ‘n’ Train #1: Loose leash walking and Heel


Max – Walk n Train #2: Long line, socialization with my dogs, barking issues


Max – Walk n Train #3: Update on progress, Prong Collar, Running Alongside Bike


Max – Walk n Train #4: Transfer session…no matter how well the dog does with the trainer, the owners still need to be trained on how to handle the dog. These guys did a great job!


Frosti – Walk ‘n’ Train #1:  Socialization, Flexi Lead (retractable leash), Agility


Frosti – Walk n Train #2: Loose Leash Walking, How To Fit a Martingale Collar, Dealing with Stubborness On-Leash



Virtual Meeting #1 – Orientation Seminar: This video chat orientation covers the structure of the class, “balanced” dog training philosophy, the three step CPR process, what supplies you will need, homework for the week plus some Q&A. (See Section 2: MORE RECENT VIDEOS for a segment on training collars.)

Virtual Meeting #2: Reviewing the DVD chapters 1-4. Review exercises for teaching Sit and Down. Q&A from students.


Virtual Meeting #3: Reviewing the DVD chapters 1-6. Demonstrations and tips for Sit, Down, Come, Heel and Loose Leash Walking. Q&A from students.


Virtual Meeting #4: Checking in to review what we’ve learned so far and adding the Stay command. Demos and Q&A.


Virtual Meeting #5: Reviewing videos for Long Long Exercises and Leave It. Demos and Q&A.