Housebreaking Seminar Video- Purchase

Are you at your wits’ end because you just can’t seem to properly housebreak your adult dog or new puppy?  Are your carpets and floors getting ruined because you just can’t seem to fully housebreak your pup?  Or, maybe you want to start things off on the right foot so your dog or puppy doesn’t learn any bad habits or get a preference for peeing in the wrong place. Whatever the case may be, this seminar is for you!
By downloading and reviewing this video, you will learn:
  • Management: Setting your dog up for success while getting your life back
  • Potty Breaks: How to get your dog to go where you want him/her to go more reliably
  • Detecting Signs: Looking for signs and patterns that your puppy or dog may give you that may indicate they have to go potty
  • Corrections: Reviews possible set backs of old-school corrections while reviewing effective ways of letting your dog know he/she is making a mistake
  • Catching Accidents & Proper Clean Up
  • Common Scenarios/Troubleshooting

35 minutes in length:

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