Q:  When should guests come over to see your new dog?

     A:  Now! Right now!    (Unless your newly adopted pet-dog falls into the "exception" category.)

Since your new dog is in a new place with new people, including you, now is the time for visitors. As days and weeks go by, you and your house will become familiar, and your dog will become more comfortable. Your dog may also become more territorial. Take advantage of this time while the dog still feels like a guest in your home to get him used to the idea of company coming over.

Most importantly, have all family members, friends and anyone that will be visiting on a regular basis get to know the dog right away and visit often. People he meets now will feel less like intruders in the future. Also have random, less familiar guests pop in for a quick visit. This will accent the fact that you have people coming and going from your home which is nothing for the dog to worry about. 


Are there exceptions? But of course – aren't there always?  If your new four-legged family member is showing signs of aggression, appears to be pretty fearful or is brought into the family to be a guard dog you'll want to handle these cases differently and solicit some professional help.  

Please watch my video below for details on how to manage your dogs and guests when visitors come knocking.



-Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant

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