The next step after Puppy Class will vary depending on how things went for you and your pup and what your long term goals and interests are. There are two main questions we need to ask: 

Did You Graduate?

Not all students who attend the class actually complete the class. Sometimes they fall short on attendance, don’t have time to practice or simply struggle with the lessons for one reason or another. This is understandable, I mean, life happens, right? However, before knowing where to go next we must first ask, “Did you graduate?” 

  • No – If you did not complete the puppy class (including passing the graduation test) then the next step would be to return to Puppy Class (If your pup is still under 6 months old) for FREE. You can take the whole class or just drop in on the ones that you missed. If your pup is now over 6 months old you would need to take the Basic Obedience Class. You may also want to consider private lessons. Please contact us if you have any questions. 
  • Yes – You passed, congratulations! If the puppy graduation test was like “Phew! We barely made it!” or you just need a refresher then you would go to the Basic Obedience Class. If the graduation test was easy for you then skip Basic Obedience and go straight to the Intermediate Obedience Class. Puppy graduates are also qualified for Agility and specialty classes such as the Recall Clinic, Fun Tricks Class or the Perfecting The Walk Clinic.
  • Click here to pay deposit for any class you are interested in. (deposits are non-refundable)

Are You Having Behavior Problems That Weren’t Covered or Resolved by Taking the Class?

While group classes can be fun and affordable they allow for little in the way of one-on-one time with the trainer. Many behavior problems are beyond the scope of obediences classes but can be resolved through private training. If you are having behavior issues please contact us to discuss private training options.  

PS – If your pup is still under 6 months old, you will continue to be invited to join the FREE PUPPY SOCIALS.

Thank you very much for taking the Thriving Canine Puppy Class. Please keep practicing what you have learned and we hope to see you again!

Chad Culp – Certified Dog Trainer, Canine Behavior Consultant, Owner of Thriving Canine. 

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