What Is Thriving Canine’s Refund Policy? 

Our refund policy varies by service and by the particulars of any given situation. See below: 

Private Lessons: Private lessons are generally paid for at the end of each session, so there is really no refund policy needed. If you are not happy with the service you are receiving, simply speak up and we will immediately terminate the lesson and charge only for the minutes worked or, perhaps, not charge at all. We truly do not want to take your money if you are not happy. That said, If you pay at the end of the lesson, it will be assumed that you were happy with the service, so no refund will be given.

Packages: If you have purchased a private lesson package and wind up not needing the whole thing, as long as it has been no longer than 2 months since your last session, we will refund the balance. Please Note: The used lessons will be charged at the normal rate, not the package discount rate.

Group Classes: The deposit for the group class is non-refundable due to the fact that space is limited and your spot could have gone to someone else. It is also due to the fact that the deposit covers the cost of clerical work and the price of the online material, which is sent out upon receipt of the deposit. (If we find that your dog is not suited for the group class, for reasons such as aggression or fear, we will apply the full amount of the course, including the deposit, towards private lessons.) If you are dissatisfied with the course and request a refund, one will be given, proportionate to the number of classes remaining at the time of your request. If you simply stop showing up without notice or miss classes due to scheduling conflicts, no refund will be given but you are welcome to complete the course for free whenever your schedule allows, within one year of purchase. We sometimes allow for the transfer of remaining group class credits to private lessons, this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

We believe in being fair. If anything else comes up that you feel warrants a refund, please just let us know and we will work with you to do whatever seems fair. 

Chad Culp – Certified Dog Trainer, Canine Behavior Consultant, Owner of Thriving Canine. 

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