Diet Affects Behavior:

Nutrition is a huge component to raising a well-balanced dog. Intrinsically, we know this to be true about people but most people don't give it much thought when it comes to feeding their dogs. The wrong diet can affect your dog in many ways. It can make him either sluggish or hyper (nearly impossible to train when either of these are present) and can create a host of problems from skin conditions to more serious illnesses.

From a training perspective, you have a much better shot at being affective if your dog isn't chasing his tail. A lot of the commercial dog food has ingredients that would be equivalent to giving your child pop tarts and cocoa puffs for breakfast and then expecting him to sit still in class.

Homing in your dog's diet, along with his training, is the best way to get your dog well balanced and well behaved.


Thriving Canine's Canine Chef…

reviews some of the benefits of a raw diet and examines natural supplements that are good for dogs in this easy to prepare recipe.


reviews the fundamental differences between raw and processed foods. My hope is that it will help you to look at "scary" raw food dog diets a little differently.

What's Really in the Bag? Consider Fresh Dog Food

With the scare of 2007’s massive pet food recalls and movies like Supersize Me and Food Inc., it seems as though America is starting to wake up to the importance of food; where it comes from as well as how it is prepared. More and more people are starting gardens, cooking at home, going to farmers markets and reading labels at the grocery store. Many are now even starting to realize that, despite what pet food companies and the mainstream media might say,  they can and should prepare fresh food for their pets as well. read more…


Book Review on the BARF Diet

I can recall a handful of books in my life that were so impactful that they not only altered major life decisions but actually changed my views and outlooks to the point of altering my entire life's path. One of those life changing books for me was "The BARF Diet" by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a veterinary surgeon. read more…


Pumpkin Seeds: A Natural Cure for Parasites


Anyone that knows me knows that my dogs eat about as well as a dog can eat. Their vegetation is organic and their meat is clean (free of antibiotics, hormones, etc.). I feed them what is commonly known as the BARF diet, or bones and raw food. In a nutshell, my dogs are never sick, never have fleas and they have very balanced energy.

When we adopted Nakita last year, she was on commercial dog food and her immune system wasn't nearly as robust as our other two dogs. She had spastic energy, itchy skin, fleas, and worms in her poop. It took me a while, but we finally got her mellowed out, her coat shiny and her fleas and worms gone. One of the magic ingredients…read more…