Week 1: Cobwebs, Stand, Finish, Distance-Down


Take Roll – CGC or Cafe Greeting & The Long Down

Review Basics 

  • Heel, Sit, Down, Come, Sit-Stay, Loose Leash Walking

Hand Signals & Fading the Lure 



Distance-Down (First distance is up, stop bending over, then move away)

Leash Pressure Fluency – Sit and Down with leash as the only cue 

Stand (from Sit position) 

Finish (Right or Around) 

About turns 

  • U-Turn (180 left)
  • About (180 right)
  • Fancy (turn into the dog, Schutzhund turn) 

Puppy Push Ups (3 positions = 6 maneuvers)


Week 2: Long Line – Recall, Leave It & Stay


Take Roll – CGC or Cafe Greeting & Long Down

Long Line/Flexi Exercises

  • Direction Change (Let’s Go) 
  • Casual Recall (C’mere) 
  • Formal Recall (Come)  
  • Leave It (with long line) 

100’ recalls (off-leash or dragging long line)

Long Line Stays (Goal = 50 feet) 


  • Practice Long Line everyday in a wide variety of locations
  • Practice The Long Down out in the world…park bench, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. (work up to 1 hour)
  • Practice “Leave It” randomly on walks and consistently with anything you want to be off limits.
  • Build Down-Stay to the end of the long line.
  • Walk, socialize, exercise, play and train every day. Mix brief training sessions into your life and always end on a high note
  • Read Articles: Long Line Training Part 1-3
  • Watch Video: Long Line Handling Skills

Week 3: Pack Walk, Wait, & 3 Second Rule


Take Roll – CGC or Cafe Greeting & Long Down

Discuss The Pre-Walk Routine

Wait – boundary training, safety, impulse control

Pack Walk – ½ mile  

The "Foot" Command

3 Second Rule Greetings (optional) 

Hands-Free Heel (service dog leash) 


Week 4: Donuts & Agility

Take Roll – CGC or Cafe Greeting & Long Down

Cafe Down (coffee and donuts) 


Reward Markers, Playing with Food, Balls and Tug Toys  


Thank you very much for participating in this class. I look forward to seeing you in future classes! Please stay in touch.


-Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Consultant

© Thriving Canine 2020

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