As the saying goes, we don't get what we want, we get what we expect. With this thought-provoking idea swirling around, ask yourself, "what am I expecting from my life? What do I expect from my job, family, friends and, yes, my dog?"

I've heard my dog training clients say such things as they don't expect to ever trust their dog off-leash and they'd be happy if their dog just didn't pull on the leash on walks.  My question is, why not expect and work toward both?

I've heard from so many people that they'd really love to be able to take their dog to the coffee shop and enjoy a morning cup of java or to enjoy lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant with some friends but don't believe they'll ever have the kind of dog that will be able to behave well in these situations. To be fair, not all dogs will. The point that I make during my dog training sessions with these folks is, why not do some training, practice getting the behavior you want and expect more? Many are often pleasantly surprised at what is possible with a little focus and discipline.

I was reminded early in the Spring of 2011 that great potential can be found everywhere, even in a silly little dog trick.

This video chronicles my family's journey as we decided to take our morning routine (banana spit trick)  to new heights. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at our Banana Spit Dog Trick as it hit the road to The Letterman Show as well as America's Funniest Videos…a cross country tour from coast to coast. 

Once you watch this video, ask yourself this question? "What kind of relationship do I expect to have with my dog." Once that's been determined then take the necessary steps and bring in the necessary professionals to help point you in the right direction.

My hope is that this video will inspire you to Dream Bigger!

-Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Dreamer