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If your family is anything like mine,  the holidays are not limited to including just the humans. The dogs get special hikes during our annual holiday break, are included in the family photo for holiday cards and they even get special toys and treats in their stockings.  Some of you... + read more
What do you think of when you hear the word adventure? For most folks the term tends to conjure up adjectives like dangerous, unknown, risky, and exciting. Maybe you picture an Indiana Jones movie or backpacking the Appalachian Trail or some other exotic journey. Hey, those all sound... + read more
There are several movies that the world deems "Classics" that I have yet to see in my nearly 5 decades on this earth - some by accident (and, yes, they are on my list) and some by design (could go my whole life without seeing them).  Fortunately, my wife and I have very similar... + read more
What has six legs, two wings, runs fast but cannot fly? The family dog running off with the holiday turkey! I know this sounds like a bad Dixie Cup joke but many a holiday fiesta has turned into a fiasco due to a feisty Fido. So, what’s a dog-lover to do when hosting the holidays? Many... + read more
  Halloween is almost as fun as Christmas for some folks. Decorating the house, dressing up in costumes, going to parties, passing out stuff! It's the one time of year where we seek out 'the scary.'  My wife and I have a tradition of watching scary movies during... + read more
"As the executive director and founder of an animal rescue nonprofit, I was curious to read this book to see if it could help some of our foster dogs who suffer from insecurities and sometimes separation anxiety after they're rescued from shelters. I'm happy to say that I found... + read more
  Everyone that is looking to bring a dog into their family is looking for that perfect "great dog."  The problem is, one person's great dog is another person's potential nightmare. Many of you are familiar with my dog, Nakita.  She is the perfect dog for me,... + read more
Management of the environment is a key ingredient to solving almost any behavior problem. If we were to compare getting a new puppy to having a new baby we might get a better picture. Maybe we should spend nine months preparing ourselves for the new arrival. All our closest friends and relatives... + read more
The internet has a way of spreading ideas like wildfire and one idea that has gone "viral" in the puppy community is yelping like you're hurt to stop puppies from biting you. Many books and websites say you should make a loud, high-pitched, "Yipe!" or squealing sound of some... + read more
I'm sure we've all heard the phrase teaching dogs Heel. However, the meaning and purpose of Heel may not be all that clear to everyone. So, I'm writing this article to answer some fundamental questions regarding Heel - what it means, what the proper positioning is and why it matters.... + read more


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