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 This is true for humans and dogs. Teaching and enforcing the Wait command creates a situation where your dog will look to you as a leader and a provider every time they approach a threshold. Doorways, stairs, gates, car doors, (and if you're really advanced, interior boundaries like... + read more
“I’m afraid my dog will lose her personality” “I don’t want my dog to be like a robot” “He’s a dog, just let him be a dog”  “I don’t want my dog to be afraid of me” “I don... + read more
Guest Blogger, Dr. Sara Skiwski Dvm, is a holistic and integrated vet who offers another approach to dealing with your dog's allergies.  It is that time of year again - Spring, which means seasonal allergies...and not just for humans. Did you know that your pet can also suffer from... + read more
thrive (thrīv) v. to grow or develop vigorously and healthily; flourish In my mind a Thriving Canine is a happy, well balanced, fulfilled dog that enjoys people and that people enjoy having around. There are three Cs involved in raising a canine to thrive: Control, Control and Control.... + read more
Well, we’ve all seen it. That adorable little girl, who is so young that she can barely form a complete sentence, sits down on her knees to grab the cheeks of a dog while looking him squarely in the eye. We think it is so cute, especially when the dog is licking her face and wagging his tail... + read more
Guest Blogger, Dr. Rick Leininger Dvm, offers different perspectives on the best time to spay/neuter your dog. As a general practice veterinarian, I am frequently asked by pet owners when is the best time to spay/neuter their dog. My answer to that question, for almost 25 years, has always been... + read more
It is really important that we always end training sessions with our dog on a high note. In other words the last thing we do should be fun and successful. This is not to say we will always be successful with what we are working on that day, especially if it is something brand new or especially... + read more
The conflicting opinions on this are right up there with leash corrections and prong collars. It often falls into the “I heard you weren’t suppose to” category while on the other hand, there are trainers that use it as a large part of their program. In my view, dog training is... + read more
Guest Blogger, Dr. Greg Martinez Dvm, provides a veterinarian's point-of-view on feeding raw meaty bones to our dogs. We’ve all heard that we should never feed our dogs chicken bones. We have also heard that eating bones can cause fractured teeth, constipation, and bowel obstructions.... + read more
In his book, "Drive," Daniel Pink tells of motivational research done with young children and their desire to draw. Given free time in a room with paper and crayons the children would all draw at their leisure. The experimenters then added extrinsic motivation to one group of... + read more


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