Los Gatos Dog Training

Thriving Canine

Los Gatos is a quaint little town at the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains that is buzzing with charm and dog-friendly establishments. There are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating that welcome humans and their four-legged friends as well as shops that allow dogs to accompany as long as their manners are up to par.

Los Gatos has lovely parks, great hiking trails and endless window shopping for both people and their dogs to stroll along. But, let's face it, not everyone has a pup that is ready for the outdoor Los Gatos Downtown scene. Maybe the jumping and barking is out of control. Maybe the basic obedience commands just aren't solid and consistent.  No worries…I am here to help.

My name is Chad Culp, and I own and operate Thriving Canine, a full service dog training outfit.  I'll work with you and your dog to improve your dog's behavior as well as sharpen his basic obedience. Not only will I help to strengthen your relationship with your dog, I'll work to get your dog ready for some of those Los Gatos outdoor cafes. 



"I want you to Experience a Better Life with Your Dog!"

-Chad Culp–Certified Dog Trainer, Behavior Consultant, Certified Holistic Chef for Animals