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Anyone with a dog has most likely experienced getting their fingers skinned while giving their dog a treat. So what should you do about it? Well for starters, watch your energy level and tone of voice while offering the treat. If you promote that you are offering something tasty with a high pitched... + read more
Anyone that knows me knows that my dogs eat about as well as a dog can eat. Their vegetation is organic and their meat is clean (free of antibiotics, hormones, etc.). I feed them what is commonly known as the BARF diet, or bones and raw food. In a nutshell, my dogs are rarely sick, don't have... + read more
Be it vitamins, herbs or medication, the time will come to give your dog a pill. Believe me, it can be tricky. Some of you have tried wrapping a piece of meat around the pill or stuffing it into a bite of hot dog before feeding it to your dog. What you may have found is that your clever dog... + read more


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