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Do you have a dog who hems and haws when called?  Do you wish your dog found this exercise to be nearly as important as you do?  Here are three tips for training your dog to come when called. Tip 1 - Urgency People tend to be too lackadaisical when they call their dog. It’... + read more
Question emailed from out of town - “We got a 9 week old pitbull puppy ten days ago. I have crate trained puppies before and never had a problem until this. The crate is sized so he can only stand up, turn around and lay down but he still poops in it. Even if only in for 30 minutes, he still... + read more
Question: “Hi Chad. Our 18 month Mini-Aussie continues to aggressively lick anybody who tries to pet her. This is a real turnoff to me and to my guests, although two members of the family don't mind it and do not make any effort to stop it. I have tried every conceivable way... + read more
Fluffy is doing her impersonation of Cujo on a bad hair day at the front window. "Get off my property!" She barks ferociously at all who dare pass by. "Yeah, that's right, keep on walking," She continues. Somehow the owners only hear, "Ruff, bark, growl, ruff!" So... + read more
“We’ve tried everything!” say the frustrated owners of Jumpy the kangaroo dog. When I get to their home it looks like a scene from a sitcom! They’re staring Jumpy in the eye, snapping and pointing their fingers, shouting and making "Schttt" noises, all while... + read more
Welcome back! Have you already read Long Line Training Part 1 and Part 2 ? Cool, then let’s get these dogs off-leash! If you had asked me 25 years ago if my dog was off-leash trained I would of said, "Oh yeah, totally, for sure, dude!"  However, I was surfing couches... + read more
The 50 foot long line is a progression of the training process which is ultimately intended to produce a dog that is reliable off-leash...anytime, anywhere...even on a beach full of squirrels! Note: The following exercises should be taught first on a six foot leash. It’s assumed you have... + read more
Note: This article is part one of a three part series. Part two will cover how to train a dog with a long line and part three will cover off-leash transitioning. The goal of this series is to help dog owners achieve higher levels of off-leash success by safely and effectively using a long line as a... + read more
The terms “positive”, “positive reinforcement” and “reward-based” dog training get tossed around a lot these days. Trainers that identify with these labels tend to interpret them as meaning “treat-based” but in actuality NONE of these labels have the... + read more
  Does Your Dog Know the Difference Between Stay and Wait? Understanding the seemingly subtle yet profound differences between Stay and Wait are not only life enhancing, they can save your dog’s life! Intrigued? Good, then let's take a look at these two commands,... + read more


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